Vodkas Claim It Won’t Give You a Hangover

Sales of vodka are fighting the downward trend of the economy with increasing sales. In a report in Wine and Alcohol, “Vodka represents just under 27 percent of all distilled spirits sold in the United States and remains to be America’s favorite spirit.” In the last few years three vodkas have gone on the market labeled as “ultra premium vodkas” and claim they prevent hangovers.  Devotion Vodka is the first protein infused vodka aimed at consumers who are health conscious and desire a guilt free cocktail. The protein used in the Devotion Vodka blend is PeptoPro® and casein, PeptoPro® was developed by DSM Food Specialties with the Dutch Olympic Committee as a recovery ingredient for fast muscle refueling.

The vodka used for making Devotion is triple distilled from corn and is free of congeners (methanol, aldehydes and amyl alcohols). Generally, the spirits with high congener content add to “hangover” symptoms.

Creator and entrepreneur, Drew Adelman is excited about his product.

“This is for the people who workout hard and party hard.” Said Adelman. “We watch our weight and keep our carbs and sugar down.  Now you have the opportunity to increase your protein while having a cocktail.”

Another Vodka to choose is 2Nite vodka which uses advanced chromatography (Italian marble) that removes all impurities that other vodkas contain that cause headaches and hangovers. It’s 100 percent organic without sugar caffeine, or glycerin, which is found in most competitors vodkas. The water comes from the Italian glaciers, rich in minerals, and 100% Italian grain quality.

If you’re still in the mood to prevent a regrettable hangover, IS Vodka is seven times distilled and crafted from non-genetically modified European wheat and then blended with naturally pure Icelandic water.

Although these vodkas claim they will prevent that nasty hangover, alcohol still is still a drug and must be used responsibly.


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