Berlitz Spanish Language Review – Easy Language Learning

By Amanda Cortez

When George Clooney bought a home in Italy, he went to Berlitz Language Learning to learn Italian so that he can communicate with the natives. I wanted to speak Spanish with family and friends so I though it was time to learn my native language so I chose Berlitz because I wanted to learn Spanish quickly. Berlitz teaches their student’s a new language the same way one would learn their native language—naturally. 

I worked with a wonderful personal instructor named Angelica who was so patient and encouraging. We spoke Spanish for 2 1/2 hours of conversational styles instruction. This method immersed me in speaking Spanish and made learning easy to absorb. Each instructor is a native-fluent speaker who focuses on the practical grammar and vocabulary you’ll use in everyday situations.

Although I’ve been able to get by with the little Spanish I know, it’s been very frustrating not knowing what mistakes I’ve been making. I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t speaking correctly, but Angelica said, “That’s why I’m here to correct you—don’t feel embarrassed.” After that, I let myself speak and learn.

I learned so much in one session because we went over words and phrases again and again in different sentences. I am now confident in simple everyday dialogue: introducing myself; asking various every day questions at a place of business, school or ordering at a restaurant and more. But the most important thing  I’ve learned in speaking Spanish is learning verbs and their tense. Once this is learned, putting sentences together was simple, but using the language everyday is the key.

Berlitz teaches children and teens to speak a second language at various schools. Parents realize how valuable a second language is in our day and age. We live in global commerce and speaking a second language or more will make anyone much more marketable and an asset in a number of business or personal situations.

I figured since Berlitz has been around for 130 years, they must be doing something right. They are the premier language training and cultural consulting service provider. Thousands of people have learned a language from Berlitz, including the military, big companies like IBM who teach their employees’ languages so they can communicate with people in other parts of the world or like me who want to learn a language for personal reasons and enrichment.

Berlitz has a rich tradition of excellence and they care about bringing the best products and services to customers. I like that a counselor met with me to ensure I was doing fine in my classes and they offer to help anyway to ensure I was satisfied.

Whichever way you decide to learn a language at Berlitz:  private, class, on-line, or software, you will learn fast while enjoying yourself with a variety of programs to fit anyone’s schedule and budget. Berlitz Language Learning is the next best thing to learning a language from mom, dad or grandma and grandpa.

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One thought on “Berlitz Spanish Language Review – Easy Language Learning

  1. I have found that the Berlitz CDs are ineffective, and the classroom instruction, while effective, costs nearly twice as much as a college language course. Unless you are looking for some exotic language like Urdu or Farsi, Living Language or Rosetta are CONSIDERABLY more cost-effective, or go to your local community college. At our local Berlitz, students spend as much on traffic tickets coming to class as they do on language instruction. !

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