Dr. Dolores Kent Review – A Woman’s Caring Place

Finding a gynecologist is easy. Finding a caring gynecologist is not quite as easy. But finding a caring gynecologist who makes a woman feel healthy and beautiful inside and out is even more challenging, but possible.

Kent has been delivering babies and taking care of womens’ gynecological needs for over 30 years and is in high demand, but she wanted to help women with many of their sensitive needs to feel healthy and beautiful inside and out and founded GyneSpa™ which offers cosmetic surgeries, such as liposculpture or cool laser lipo, vaginal rejuvenation by laser, labioplasty, fat transfer, facial rejuvenation, hymenoplasty and also gynecological laser surgeries and minimally invasive gynecological procedures.  GyneSpa™ is unique to other spas because the cosmetic procedures are personally done by Kent and not a member of the medical support team.

GyneSpa™ also performs dermal filler treatments and face peels, laser treatments, nutrition and dietary counseling, and chiropractics which makes her office a place for women to be cared for internally and externally so she can feel her best.

Kent is a board-certified Harvard Medical School graduate, Gynecologist and Cosmetic Surgeon with over 31 years of medical experience. For more information visit www.doloreskent.com or call (310) 860-9490. Her office at 9201 W Sunset Blvd Ste 416, Los Angeles, CA.




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