New-World-Order-Revelation-we’ve-been-drinking-the-real-kool-aid-or-kooko-aid. pt.-6

remember–we’re-still-drinking-the-real-kool-aid-or-kooko-aid. pt.-6

Blowing-this-joint. no-more-church-just-following-jesus.-i’m-learning-from-a-teacher-god-bless zp

Check this -blowing2-fact-lucifer was a fallen angel with little-bratty-devilish behavior–he was a conceited-vain-pain-he-was-a-musician-and-was- adored.-he-was-(still-is)-brat-with-ratty behavior-he-dis-obeyed-god.


the-little-devil-said-NO-2-his-apa. he-dis-obeyed-god.-YES-lucifer-dis-obeyed-god.

did-god-say-“lucifer,-u-lil-brat-if-u-dont-get-back-up-here-in-one-minute-u-can’t-come-home-4-a-long-time-u’ll-b-sowy.-so-lucifer-laughed-when-he-heard-his-apa-say-u-lil-devil.”-he-laughed-there-after–told-people-2-go-2-hell>-he-was-pissed-was-stubborn-pride-ful-envy-jealous-he-was-sorry-but-it-was2-late. 2late.-because2-many-people-had-learned how-2-say-2-people-go-2-hell>




their -kids-dis-obeyed-god.

n-their -kids-dis-obeyed-god.

n-their -kids-dis-obeyed-god.






yikes-heavy-n-sanctified-so-satisfied.- revelation.

This channel is dedicated to God the Father, God the Son-Jesus Christ God the Holy Spirit for all you do. i am nothing without u. These words come 2 me from u. You are the only reason I exist. God needs healing. We all need healing. I, on behalf of USA, am praying for you-the world. Going three years of renewing my life with the LORD began by finding God the way I was raised (chaos). Only through long wilderness living, desperation depression hitting, pain pounding, and finally submitting, I found God. The shape you called earth is a circle that surrounds us. And seems as though it is flowing through the universe. And a place with no gravity. We are flowing in your heaven of space. I am a christian and only you are the way, the truth, and the life, and I will follow you the rest of my life.

thanks holy team


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