Watch “The 100 Greatest Motown Songs (1960-1994) (Part 2)” on YouTube

Let the healing continue mr. President.

We all support u sir. No matter what. Sir.

U r 1 of us.

1 x us = USA.LL

Thank.u. father god. An invisible spirit who is alive.

4 this man…our president

barack obama

Has the power of  both david n Goliath. We the people r goliath. We support u.

my mom in heaven is a latina

hillary clinton.

Not always liked 4 her convictions. But always gave 2 her community. As a young 30 something, widow, She took on 6 children.

So lets clean up mam. Respectfully.

N get this new world order show on the road.

C u in the white house.




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