Watch “The Pilgrim’s Progress | What We Learn From It | Zac Poonen” on YouTube

Had 2 rewind.

God appointed president barack obama  He said hillary clinton IS-NEXT.

Sorry. bernie sanders, sir.

Yes. We need socialism.  Otherwise,  many of us would b dead without SSI my father, Jesus cortez saved from his payroll taxes 4 his future. My family.

Socialism is there 2 help us. Not, dictate. We also need free education.

but how do we get better when false prophets like enron,  George w. Bush n hike up taxes from us.

Reduce taxes for business. Helping only their

Increase taxes 4 war…..which bush n enron bros took. They stole pge power  pensions. They stole from california BILLION.S

giant churces ….false prpphets4sure.  pharmaceutical  giants who sponsor everything on nbc, bbs, cbs,fox,abc, etc. 

literally killing us.

Sex workers call them pimps.

Thank.u lord.jesus.christ


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