Watch “Whoopi Goldberg discusses George Bush Nazi links” on YouTube

Thank.u jesus.

Here it is sir. President Barack obama.

We all know prescott bush started this wayyyyyback. His son George w. Sr. Was in the cia planning jfks assassination. Lynbon b. Johnson took.over.  he was part of the whole conspiracy thingy we heard n saw reports when we were little.

Then ronald reagan acts as president. Gets shot. Lives.  So no presidency for gw. Sr.

Until reagan tries 2 scare us into a war we never needed until the bushes came.

Jr. G.w. created such a disaster with enron.

We all agree sir.

n this should b deemed treason against every u.s.american. against humanity.

2016 is healing 4Jesus year2 his Healing us.

We never need the vietnam war either.

Now we r suffering 4 their evildoers 4 the rich biz companies.

You remember. Sir.


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