Watch “Jesus, The Apostles & The Apocrypha – The Secret Truth The Church Buried” on YouTube

Good morning jesus. Thank.u 4 another day. Please lead the way.

Sorry these bible books got thrown out…… #wegotbiblebamboozled.

. Thank.u4 helping our #jesuschristholychristteam with this important n enlightening information.

More his knowing coming.

Mr. President. Sir.
Please help us find all the bible books n make rules against  bigfat churches who steal r money.

Please ban the big secret societies like #prescottbushskullnbonestupid-ill-lumen-naughty-nogood-onlywoodlivin-low.down.societies.who.livamongstthegoodntempt2evil.4selfpleasure

They r responsible 4 this. Sir.

Some Politicians r evil.

The presidents office wasnobviously proves this.
How could this be.

911 was n is post traumatic. Killed 2many psyches.

The secretsociety planned it all. Please halt them from further killing.

Is r country free2 pirate 1another n run the country.

Please inquire your team. Sir. Thank u.

Barack obama
Michelle obama
Hillary clinton
Bill clinton
Jimmy fallon
Melissa mccarthy
The tonight show
Christina Aguilera

Comments2 mr.president r greatly welcomed

U can also email him. Thank u.

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