Alcohol or marijuana Watch “PROHIBITION DOCUMENTARY” on YouTube

Prohibition was installed as people (mostly men) were imbibing all day under horrific working conditions, i.e., intense labor, railroads/coal mines n couldn’t cope with day2day operations from demanding employers who could care less about their employees n their families. They took their pressure n unloaded the stressors of the day on to their wives n children with a slippery belt.

Back in the day there were no regulations on employers n they could do anything they wanted.

unfortunately, it didn’t matter as we know bootlegging occurred n 2 much money was 2 b made without regard 4 humanity’s liver.

It’s all about this green 4me. My testimony is a wild green herb.flower that has 20% higher anti inflammatory benefits than 1 aspirin. Helps upset tummy. Never wine hang over.  better 4 your tummy health…without eating up your tummy/any organs. And finally. Youthfullness. Mind n body.

There are many strains that do not give a psychotrophic high. CBNs is a cannabinoid that fights pain. The THC cannabinoid are preferred to help ease stressy nerves.

I use both. I love both. I’m alive again n clean of paper.drugs. Thank.u Lord jesus christ god almighty that u came 2 my rescue. Please lead my way 4u.

For decades my doc handed me paper.pills 4all time. The vicodent,  ibuprofen, muscle relaxer makers were killing me in addition 2 making a green dollar killing 4 a tiny


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