Balance is hiz key, keys have no hue. Watch “The robe (part1)” on YouTube

Thank.u LORD 4another lovely day with.u. in my daily leisure walk n quest i enjoy so 2.

Balance is hiz key, keys have no hue.

The body only needs a few. Who knew.

Most importantly, The mind needs 2 feed from the good news.

mind in sync iz hiz demand.

Lord oh lord i offer.u my hand 2 lead us in this wonderous greyish, green  land.

Attack at point, strife  mood or greed of brood- aromatic of black n blue.

I’m waving over here Lord. Please come again 2 my rescue.

Didn’t.u say.i could or am i over due.

my mouth smiles n covered with puffs of sky powder floating

with your rays of your son always stunning.

N I’m so inbued with all3, the holy trinity everything un.cunning.

Like no other one. The master un.calculating.

always 2 major much pure rose n jasmin golden lace grace.

favor of all glowing loving, understanding, forgiving, restoring.

Please lead my route in this 2nd world of steel human form.

Doesn’t matter if it’s not the norm.

Justly your servant I’ll always happily b.

A gift i enjoy 4 eternity.

Good nite my sweet lord.

The robe with handsome n 2muchtalent richard burton who is the roman soldier character MARCELLUS, who crucified jesus n  thereafter regretted his actions n took accountability 2 the end.

It’s a classical masterpiece.

P.s notice this era is when the roman emperor’s ruled the world.

Notice at the end of movie, the formality of the legal ceremonial procession n the culture of the roman emperor.

Does this look familiar.

I am certain that jesus didn’t make a scene riding hiz donkey hiz father’s  way going here n there, forgiving sinners with 1 hand n healing with the other.

While, On the other end of the tracks, the Pharicees were having their laundry cleaned n nose hairs clipped.

Why A Donkey?

Thank.u.4 your strength my lord god almighty jesus christ.

I am nothing without.u.

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