Barbra streisand coming touring in san jose, ca

Just a child, i remember going 2 the movies n seeing “what’s up doc” n “a star is born” (I watched “a star is born” about 100 times on dvd) with my fun, funnier, funniest cousin: pearl lomas (love u always cousin/big-sis). her my big sissys: cindy lomas n gloria lomas dragged us along everywhere on the road, movies, park, drive-thru weinerschnitzel, etc.

Gloria had a permed-fro-like hairstyle like streisand. she would fluff it out freely with her fine, delicate fingers then pout her plumped lips.

Cindy had a fuller, smoother permed-fro-like doo n did the same….always with a kind smile.

Since then, i associate streisand with cousin glow who is glowing with cousin cindy. Rest in peace cousins.

Cuzn glow with hat, cindy on left n right, favorite cuzn/big-sissy pearl lomas

Love you ladies.

Thank you lord 4 the cracking up memories they all gave me.

That we all shared.

In jesus only holy high name. Amen.


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