godly blessings on your bday bigbropops.

Blessings all around r spreading cuz on the 3rd day of june, God the Father. God the son. God the holy spirit planted a divine seed into mamma n daddy to bring u into this world on this day
– their 1st born- jesus cortez (named after jesus christ – u were selected by God 2 be special – n u r).

Their 1st child of 6 (6 is me).

As children we don’t expect challenges cuz we’re playing, running, jumping – joking, painting or skating.

Then something we couldn’t understand happened.

God took daddy – jesus cortez – away while he was working hard 4 his family at a construction site – sj state university.

Without saying good bye, his holy wife, edelmira pena cortez n 6 children were bereft n bereaved.

Lost n confused.

u-a child just over 1 decade, by default became the male head of the house. Taking on the role as daddy prepared u with his tough love.

Albeit 4 all your battles growing in 2 a young man swiftly, u were always working hard 2 bring ur change home 4 r home meals.

brother 4 every room u walk in 2 n 4 every fly or butterfly that happens 2 b in the same room, they all say “right on…jess is here..what’s happening brother.”

As is what every person says whenu walk in 2 their presence.

I wish u just 1 kiss from god.

N 4 every wrong way u may b tempted, i ask him – in Jesus name 2 steer u in hiz right way 2 hiz right side.







My holy spirit iz right in your heart.

N u in mine.

With great godly love

P.s. Going 2 cape cod so get ready.

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