your soul mate is sent by god thru jesus my love

Amanda cortez

Title. your soul mate is sent by god thru jesus my love.

Amanda cortez

we r made in God’s image.
God – who iz jesus – in body form- n jesus lives in us.

He sent the helper. The comforter. The healer 2 guide r moral compass (r heart. R conscience).

Ur holy soul mate is the holy ghost/spirit that god sent 2 us thru jesus after hiz resurrection.

Ur soul mate is the true earthly self in u when u accept jesus christ as the son of god.

When u fully accept hiz word n submit n commit 2 god.

u will find your earthly soulmate.

That is my testimony.+++

Dear loving father who iz in divine grandma heaven.

As we walk thru your perfect storm, infuse us with your holy ghost/spirit.

Furthermore, blast your  magnification of spirito into, onto, n all around the globe.

The universe.

So r earthly soulmates will find each other.

N finally get 2 know u.

With godly gratefulness, love n blessings 2 u lord.

In jesus high – in the 3rd heavenly sky – holy n only name.  Amen

Adriana davalos
Andrew davalos
Jesus cortez
Sally cortez
Orlando cortez
Hector cortez
Enrique cortez – rip


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