social media etiquette – unfriend the strifeful unfriendly

social media etiquette – unfriend the strifeful unfriendly.

My social media friends n family r people who make me smile near or afar -welcoming them into my home.

Kindly with a big smile – long miles. No matter my mood.

with intent 2 make them feel at home.

I would offer them a refreshment.

N ask how they/their family r doing.

n enjoy the moments of friendship n nice conversation.

Maybe sharing vivid, heartfelt  memories of those  we shared good history.

Or paying homage to someone who has gone astray or bid the world good bye.

general chit chat about social issues.

Maybe agreeing 2 disagree with manners n class.

On the other hand, when i observe the tone of strife n the use of profanity in my social  media home platform, i’m appalled n ashamed 2 be a witness 2 this.

I’m relieved that my beautiful mother – edelmira pena cortez ochoa is not in my home 2  testify this distasteful behavior.

as she truly loved christ who is god. As i do, the way she taught me.

The way i witnessed her love n passion 4 god.

If she read the strifeful, sickening things – that i am still shocked 2 read – she would say in her assertiveness:

“NO. NO. NO! As her head nodding left 2 right- that’s  not right 2 talk that way about people – especially your family.

Go 2 god.
Keep your business 2 yourself.
stop making up poor distasteful strories. No matter what.”

Emphatically reiterating:

“mind your own business n do not gossip about my children.

Jesus cortez.
Sally cortez.
Hector cortez.
Enrique cortez.
Orlando cortez.
Amanda cortez.
About your cousins.
About your sister.
About anyone.

Cuz this doesn’t make me proud of u.”

My mama would be disgusted with these fb prose.

She never allowed us 2 use the word “hate,” or “stupid,” etc.

This would make her scream with repulse n shame.

She taught me how 2 love by way of example.

She would not tolerate this tone n behavior.

Neither do i.

I envision that person speaking in that manner in my home directly at me, my mother, my family or my close friend/s.

I would kindly ask them 2 leave as they have insulted my home n the people i love n care about.

From the day i was born, she held my hand with motherly n loverly love up until kindergarten.

And there after.

I, too, never allowed my children to insult others.
Or use profanity.
Or abuse anyone.

If u know my children u know what kind of persons they r.

Of course, not perfect/neither i or any1. But their manners/behavior speak 4 themselves.

Grateful 2 god 4 my children who r good n decent citizens finding their way with god.+++

Social media is a wonderful platform 2 speak out 2 others in fellowship.

Support them, cheer them, bless them with kindness n love of god.

Soc. Media is special 2 me as i have the opportunity to connect with my family
Jesus cortez
Sally cortez
Hector cortez
Orlando cortez
Enrique cortez (rip brother)

All photos by amanda cortez - big smiles - long miles -

2 let them know what’s going on with me in this world as if we were on the dinner table conversing as a loving family.

Agreeing or agreeing 2 disagree with love. With class.

As the 6th, i like 2 let them know how I’m doing as I’m high in the sky n unable 2 make the family dinners, bbq’s,  picnics. etc.

if my beliefs offend u, please unfriendly me.

As i will do the same.

As i am actively doing now.

Proverbs 20:3 NIV
It is to one’s honor to avoid strife,

but every fool is quick to quarrel.+++

Dear father. Please keep me humble n 2 live christ like as that is your wish – with love, humility, patience, virtue.

In jesus heavenly high holy only name. Amen.


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