I truly truly adored u mama – edelmira pena cortez ochoa.

I truly truly adored my mother.

My mama.

I truly truly respected her.

when any1 mistreated her, i wished i could @$!#/^&* them 2 the moon.
(I loved watching honeymooners with her. We laughed hard n harder. I snuggled by her hips.)

she was a tough bingo winner nugget full of  sweet n sour wit.

Always bringing donuts 4 us.

N bingo winnings2.

We played aggravation n had so much fun with her.

She was beloved by a hugging  community.

I saw her struggle from a young wife, young mother n a young widow with 6 children.

I never.ever forget what she went through 4 us.

I quote her with her unique calm  assertion n hands flowing n head nodding with eyes of conviction:

“no matter what- my children ALWAYS come 1st.” 

She fed my strength which came from god.

I felt her drag of drudge from daddy’s death.

I saw her lift up from god.

She learned 2 drive n so much more as a widow.

As a woman in discovery n development with god.

She bought a big ol new chevy station wagon with reverse seating.  I loved sitting in the back n waved at people giggling at strangers waving back.

So fun. She was a good driver n she cutely said “I’m goooooood at parallel parking.”

She was.

N more

Her undying passion 4 god – as she prayed on her knees 4 each 1 of us – keeps my faith close 2 jesus christ who iz god.

I see my adorable mother-mama right next 2 him leading other angels in heaven.

1 day I’ll b right there 2.

Edelmira pena cortez ochoa n me - the 6th. All photos by amanda cortez - big smiles - long miles - https://lllla.wordpress.com/

Thank.u father 4 my magnanimous mama who guided me 2 u.

magnanimous edelmira pena cortez ochoa. All photos by amanda cortez - big smiles - long miles -

In jesus heavenly holy high n only name. Amen

Big smiles
Long miles.