Thank u lord for my new home in upstate new york.

My pasture backyard view – luvit not covet – so plainly n pleasingly green.

The wind falling fresh jasmine clean 

N a sense u want 2 bite n cling.

Giant emerald free flowin-wise, old- glowin trees.
My doggies healthily elderly n no care of their being.

just 4 chihuahuas dachshund  paws x 2 here n there running with glee.

Me breathing in the birds, fresh daisy flowers n buzzing cuzin bees.

Peacefully filled with the living n loving holy spirit 24/7 pumping my heart with precious peachy powerful peace.

Thank.u lord 4 all u do.

I am nothing without u.

Let ur will b done.

On earth as it iz in heaven.

Hover me unconditionally   with ur great n wonderful son.

In jesus high, heavenly holy n only name. Amen. 


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