upstate new york sunsets n nightskies – August 23, 2016 – hudson valley.


Living, Learning, and Loving Life with God.


article/photo/s by amanda cortez – #bigsmileslongmiles

Thank.u father 4 this upstate new york heavenly nightsky view.

Help us find your living #holyspiritfocusingonjesuschristnhizwillforus as we sleep – #wearingthefullarmorofGodfullondeep.

Hiz blaringbreastplate – cloaking us through the threshold of divine n through the streets.

Help us focus on u – ur greatness of love, forgiveness, sacrifice n new covenant  the heavenly – for your spiritual strength from god the father – so then u will have time 2 focus on us.

Help us slip on the full-on #armorofGodofsalvationoftruthnrighteousness.

It’s the only way 2b saved from the spiritual warfare going on today.

Help us love n praise u more in the morning, noon, n night 2 bow r heads 2 our lord of lords n king of kings n anxiously pray.

N as we dream n drool, 100 times somemore n more.

Tossing n turning while we snore.

In jesus heavenly, high, holy n only name. amen

Amanda with #bigsmileslongmiles+++

article/photos by amanda cortez

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