My wish today on 911 would be for the world to start healing.

This world needs healing.

It seems it has lost its feeling.

My wish today and all tomorrows would be for the world to watch this Youtube video “Worshipping God When Suffering by Zac Poonen.”

He’s a beautiful disciple of god.


Just watch how he explains – so much with love and conviction – the unbelievable book of job.

No doubt, the most confusing story of the bible.

We westerners – actually, most of humanity were not taught  right about god (that’s another story).

Compare zac poonen with all the preachers on tv.

Our wealthy western preachers should be frightened.

The gates to heaven is narrow.


This world is going exactly the way the bible says.

Just read it. It’s all there.

Fear not, there is a helper god sent through jesus christ.

John 14:26


Pain, in my case, is gain and chronic  pain has been my blessings and chronically brought me to jesus christ – to try hard to be obedient to him – most high.

Focus on god and he will focus on you.

I hope this makes sense cause it sure ain’t nonsense.+++

Please watch.

Thank.u father for all you do, i am nothing without you.

In jesus heavenly, holy high and only name. Amen.

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