Proverbs 2 -Rewards of wisdom 

Proverbs teach wisdom and self-control.They give understanding. 3They will teach you how to be wise and self-controlled. Proverbs will teach you what is honest and fair and right. They give knowledge and good sense to the young.

Proverbs 2

Rewards of Wisdom

1My child, believe what I say.

And remember what I command you.

2Listen to wisdom.

Try with all your heart to gain understanding.

3Cry out for wisdom.

Beg for understanding.

4Search for it as you would for silver.

Hunt for it like hidden treasure.

5Then you will understand what it means to respect the Lord.

Then you will begin to know God.

6Only the Lord gives wisdom.

Knowledge and understanding come from him.

7He stores up wisdom for those who are honest.

Like a shield he protects those who are innocent.

8He guards those who are fair to others.

He protects those who are loyal to him.

9Then you will understand what is honest and fair and right.

You will understand what is good to do.

10You will have wisdom in your heart.

And knowledge will be pleasing to you.

11Good sense will protect you.

Understanding will guard you.

12It will keep you from doing evil.

It will save you from people whose words are bad.

13Such people do not do what is right.

They do what is evil.

14They enjoy doing wrong.

They are happy to do what is crooked and evil.

15What they do is wrong.

Their ways are dishonest.

16It will save you from the unfaithful wife

who tries to lead you into adultery with pleasing words.

17Such women leave the husbands they married when they were young.

They forget the promise they made before God.

18If you go to her house, you are on your way to death.

What she does leads to death.

19No one who goes to her comes back.

He will not continue to live.

20But wisdom will help you be a good person.

It will help you do what is right.

21Those who are honest will stay in the land.

Those who are innocent will remain in it.

22But evil people will be removed from the land.

The unfaithful will be thrown out of it.


Proverbs are the wise words of Solomon king of Israel (touched and protected by god) son of King David. They teach wisdom and self-control. they give understanding of god.They don’t always makes sense to the ear, but they sure ain’t nonsense. These words from god state that good prevails over evil and consequences follow every choice that is made.


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