Verbatim Donald Trump quote, “I buy things for cheap in bad times. I find a lot of opportunities in a bad economy.”

Trump quick quote:  “I find there’s a lot of opportunity in bad times.  I do better business in bad times. I buy things for cheap.  You can’t do that in a great economy.  Either you buy it cheap or you can’t buy it.’
There better be laws – anti-trump-loop-holes – against a president (and family hawks) from buying the country.

Video from “The men who built America. Part 1. A new war begins.” (It let’s you in the minds of how calculating business is).

If you care about your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren you should watch how the filthy rich businessmen work think.

Hope this makes sense, cause it sure ain’t nonsense.

Thank.u lord for your light, love and wisdom. In jesus name. Amen.


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