Proverbs 10 – The Proverbs of Solomon

Proverbs are the wise words of Solomon king of Israel (from god) son of David. They teach wisdom and self-control. they give understanding of god.They don’t always makes sense to the ear, but they sure ain’t nonsense. They’re also about 

Proverb 10 – The Proverbs of Solomon

1These are the wise words of Solomon:
A wise son makes his father happy.
But a foolish son makes his mother sad.
2Riches gotten by doing wrong have no value.
But right living will save you from death.

3The Lord does not let people who live right go hungry.
But he does not let evil people get what they hunger for.
4A lazy person will end up poor.
But a hard worker will become rich.
5A son who gathers crops when they are ready is wise.
But the son who sleeps through the harvest is a disgrace.
6People who do what is right will have rich blessings.
But the wicked will be overwhelmed by violence.
7Good people will be remembered as a blessing.
But evil people will soon be forgotten.
8A wise person does what he is told.
But a talkative fool will be ruined.
9The honest person will live safely.
But the one who is dishonest will be caught.
10A wink may get you into trouble.
And foolish talk will lead to your ruin.
11Like a fountain of water, the words of a good person give life.
But the words of the wicked contain nothing but violence.
12Hatred stirs up trouble.
But love forgives all wrongs.
13You can expect wise people to speak with understanding.
But people without wisdom can expect to be punished.
14Wise people don’t tell everything they know.
But a foolish person talks too much and is ruined.
15Having lots of money protects the rich.
But having no money destroys the poor.
16Good people are rewarded with life.
But evil people are paid back with punishment.
17The person who accepts correction is on the way to life.
But the person who ignores correction will be ruined.
18Whoever hides his hate is a liar.
Whoever tells lies is a fool.
19If you talk a lot, you are sure to sin.
If you are wise, you will keep quiet.
20The words of a good person are like pure silver.
But an evil person’s thoughts are worth little.
21A good person’s words will help many others.
But a foolish person dies because he doesn’t have wisdom.
22The Lord’s blessing brings wealth.
And with it comes no sorrow.
23A foolish person enjoys doing wrong.
But a person with understanding enjoys doing what is wise.
24An evil person will get what he fears most.
But a good person will receive what he wants most.
25A storm will blow the evil person away.
But a good person will always be safe.
26A lazy person brings trouble to the one he works for.
He bothers others like vinegar on the teeth or smoke in the eyes.
27Whoever respects the Lord will have a long life.
But an evil person will have his life cut short.
28A good person can look forward to happiness.
But an evil person can expect nothing.
29The Lord will protect good people.
But he will ruin those who do evil.
30Good people will always be safe.
But evil people will not remain in the land.
31A good person says wise things.
But a liar’s tongue will be stopped.
32Good people say the right thing.
But the wicked tell lies.


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