Don’t Let No One Get You Down.

Don’t Let No One Get You Down. have a godly day. #BigSmilesLongMiles

PAIN MANAGEMENT – 2/17/17 low impact dynamic stretching meditating on Jesus Christ.
frack you fibromyalgia. frack whatever hurts you.

focus on god n god will focus on you

my body hurts all #fracking everyday with connective tissue issues of this n that or that n this chronic pain condition. but when i hear these beats. the holy spirit takes over the pain and i feel free and alive and grateful to jesus christ for his blessings.

this is the ONLY way i can get my exercise or my body will be a stuffed – stiff so #frack you #fibromyalgia. #focus on #god n #god will focus on you. #thank you #lord #jesus #christ. – #god #almighty for all you do. i am nothing n CAN”T move nothing (seriously) without u. in jesus name. Amen

slowly move your body anyway it will let you. if you feel any pain – STOP immediately. do what you can calmly, with an activated core (tighten tummy).

tip: rush and take hot bath for 30 min.with epsom salt and use salon pads and 3 heating pads.)


crystal blue persuasion

don’t let no one get you down.

more to come


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