Audio proverbs


proverbs are god’s rules for us to live by. God is our father and divine parent telling us how to behave. God’s way iz the right way. I visualize God explaining b4 us what will happen to you and me when experiences are painful in life.

God wants us to choose christ-like choices with the holy spirit you have within u to be underneath his warm spirit – with his arm around you.

God wants us to obey him. just like you want your children to obey you.

Zac Poonen will help you understand these words by god.

god is looking down on us to us in proverbs. god gives – excellent – excellent – excellent visual examples of repercussions of the choices we make. the reality is spirit of good vs. bad spirit and temptation.

you will get to know god, you will fall in love with god. Poonen is a humble preacher and does not receive any proceeds from the books he writes.



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