Psalm 55- Cast Your Burden on the Lord

gotta give my hands a break (fibromyalgia and small fiber neuropathy )  doctors’ orders, but i wanna leave a prayer for us all and ask for your prayers as well.god be with you.

Psalm 55 – Cast Your Burden on the Lord – MY COMMENTS ITALICIZED

To the choirmaster: with stringed instruments. A Maskil[a] of David. 

1 Give ear to my prayer, O God,
    and hide not yourself from my plea for mercy! (you, lord are always with me).

Attend to me, and answer me;
    I am restless in my complaint and I moan, (help me lord not to mumble with grumble as there is much to be grateful)

full speech

because of the noise of the enemy,  

.(skull and bones )secret society – (short JFK secret society speech /  full text JFK secret society speech

 (Technology can be a burden).
    because of the oppression of the wicked.(computers)
For they drop trouble upon me, (cloaking me)
    and in anger they bear a grudge against me (wearing out like old wet rags) Continue reading “Psalm 55- Cast Your Burden on the Lord”


Proverbs 5 – Warning About Adultery (NCV)

Proverbs 5. I bet Brad Pitts understands temptation (either woman, wicked ways, or riches) will bite you back 7-fold.

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thank u all 4 ur loving wishes.

thank u all 4 ur loving wishes. u all mean more to me than u know. i ask god to keep us all in his loving circle of light, love, disernment, patience, & virtue.  my hands are taking a break 4 a while, i’m not sure how long. u are all in my prayers everyday.
i’ve officially planted roots in the hudson valley where i can breath his fresh air & see his devine green earth (what is left of it). thank u lord i am yours.
i am ur servant.
i am nothing without u.
with love always.
in jesus holy name.

apps – r they taking r identity when we download an app


Everytime i down load an app, i get this info.


If i accept, it says they have the right to r my personal information as u see above.

That’s not right.

Ron grogan

I ask god 4 u 2 watch.

I ask god 4 u 2 watch this video that may change your life.

If not yours.

Your children.

Their children.

Your grandchildren

Their children.

Your greatchildren.

Hope this makes sense.

Cuz it’s not nonsense.

In jesus christ highest heavenly holy only name.  Amen.

“Through The 1p Bible – English – 46 (Romans-1) by Zac Poonen” on YouTube

your soul mate is sent by god thru jesus my love

Amanda cortez

Title. your soul mate is sent by god thru jesus my love.

Amanda cortez

we r made in God’s image. Continue reading “your soul mate is sent by god thru jesus my love”

Regrow your lashes/eyebrows.

This is a product that works.

It was made by a husband who wanted 2 make his wife feel like herself when she was burdened by cancer.


Maybe u could say that he made lemonade out of lemons.

Thru jesus the christ.

Who is God.+++ Continue reading “Regrow your lashes/eyebrows.”

Barbra streisand coming touring in san jose, ca

Just a child, i remember going 2 the movies n seeing “what’s up doc” n “a star is born” (I watched “a star is born” about 100 times on dvd) with my fun, funnier, funniest cousin: pearl lomas (love u always cousin/big-sis). her my big sissys: cindy lomas n gloria lomas dragged us along everywhere on the road, movies, park, drive-thru weinerschnitzel, etc.

Gloria had a permed-fro-like hairstyle like streisand. she would fluff it out freely with her fine, delicate fingers then pout her plumped lips.

Cindy had a fuller, smoother permed-fro-like doo n did the same….always with a kind smile.

Since then, i associate streisand with cousin glow who is glowing with cousin cindy. Rest in peace cousins.

Cuzn glow with hat, cindy on left n right, favorite cuzn/big-sissy pearl lomas

Love you ladies.

Thank you lord 4 the cracking up memories they all gave me.

That we all shared.

In jesus only holy high name. Amen.