Proverbs 1 – teach you how to be wise.

Proverbs are the wise words of Solomon son of David. Solomon was king of Israel. 2They teach wisdom and self-control.They give understanding. 3They will teach you how to be wise and self-controlled.Proverbs will teach you what is honest and fair and right.4They give the ability to think to those with little knowledge.They give knowledge and good sense to the young.

Proverbs will teach you what is honest and fair and right.4They give the ability to think to those with little knowledge.They give knowledge and good sense to the young.

5Wise people should also listen to them and learn even more.

Even they can find good advice in these words.

6Then they will be able to understand wise words and stories.

They will understand the words of wise men and their riddles.

7Knowledge begins with respect for the Lord.

But foolish people hate wisdom and discipline.

Warnings Against Evil

8My child, listen to your father’s teaching.

And do not forget your mother’s advice.

9Their teaching will beautify your life.

It will be like flowers in your hair or a chain around your neck.

10My child, sinners will try to lead you into sin.

(my ac-notes: god is now telling us about those who dangle things of TEMPTATION by others. if we choose not to follow god who iz the holy spirit, there will be hollow consequences to swallow).

But do not follow them.

11They might say, “Come with us.

Let’s ambush and kill someone.

Let’s attack some harmless person just for fun.

12Let’s swallow them alive, as death does.

Let’s swallow them whole, as the grave does.

13We will take all kinds of valuable things.

We will fill our houses with what we steal.

14Come join us,

and we will share with you what we steal.”

15My child, do not go along with them.

Do not do what they do.

16They run to do evil.

They are quick to kill.

17It is useless to spread out a net

right where the birds can see it!

18These men are setting their own trap.

They will only catch themselves!

19All greedy people end up this way.

Greed takes away the life of the greedy person.

(my ac-notes: watch The Men Who Built America Part1 A New War Begins

Wisdom Speaks

20Wisdom is like a good woman who shouts in the street.

She raises her voice in the city squares.

21She cries out in the noisy street.

She makes her speech at the city gates:

22“You foolish people! How long do you want to stay foolish?

How long will you make fun of wisdom?

How long will you hate knowledge?

23Listen when I correct you.

I will tell you what’s in my heart.

I will tell you what I am thinking.

24I called, but you refused to listen.

I held out my hand, but you paid no attention.

25You did not follow my advice.

You did not want me to correct you.

26So I will laugh when you are in trouble.

I will make fun when disaster happens to you.

27Disaster will come over you like a storm.

Trouble will strike you like a whirlwind.

Pain and trouble will overwhelm you.

28“Then you will call out to me.

But I will not answer.

You will look for me.

But you will not find me.

29You rejected knowledge.

You did not choose to respect the Lord.

30You did not accept my advice.

You rejected my correction.

31So you will get what you deserve.

You will get what you planned for others.

32Fools wander away and get killed.

They are destroyed because they do not care.

33But those who listen to me will live in safety.

They will be safe, without fear of being hurt.”




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thank.u father for all you do this I/this #WorldisNothingWithoutYou in #Jesusname #AmenAmenAmen#ThankYou #GodTheFather #GodTheSon #GodTheHolySpirit for all you do.



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